Bluetooth speakers for your computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad and more.

POP-UP DESIGN AirBeatz Pop Up Design ensures consistent 360 degrees room filling sound.
CONTROL TOUCH PANEL Airbeatz AB505 gives you the ability to control your audio device remote. This means you can skip songs and adjust the volume without touching your iPhone, smart phone, iPad or tablet.
LARGE BASS CHAMBER Airbeatz Portable Speakers funky design has been developed to produce warm thumping tunes from your audio device, either wirelessly or headphone port.
BLUE LIGHT INDICATOR All Airbeatz Speakers give you feedback via on-board lights. When switched on, when charging and when the battery is running out of juice.
BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY Airbeatz bluetooth speakers use technology that allows you to wirelessly stream all of your iPhone, Smart phone, Tablet or even PC tunes. Throw out your computer speakers! Use Airbeatz for web surfing, YouTube, internet radio, gaming and more!
3.5 mm INPUT CONNECTION All AirBeatz portable speakers allow any device with a 3.5mm headphone port to be connected, so even if you have an older iPod or a non-Bluetooth device, you can still experience an AirBeatz portable Speaker.
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